John-Robin Tell

Fullstack Web Developer and freelancer based out of BorĂ¥s


I'm a developer with passion!

For as long as I can remember I've had an unending urge to create and build stuff!
I'm always working on improving myself, my character, my mind and my skills. I've always sought self-improvement, and the goal of becoming the best version of myself.

When I discovered code and development I knew I had found my calling. Now I write code and work on both my own projects and others every, single, day! I'm continually learning and creating. And I cannot imagine I'll ever stop!

Technologies I've worked with recently and absolutely love:

  • JavaScript
  • VueJs
  • NuxtJs
  • TailwindCss
  • Typescript
  • Docker
  • Swoole
  • Laravel
  • Lumen
  • PHP
  • Redis
  • NodeJs

Some of my clients


Rebel Walls

A high-quality premium wall murals producing business with customers all around the globe.

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Hire me for projects and consulting

I'm an incredibly driven and quick learner with a mind for producing and delivering real results!

I've built and worked on all kind of systems, like websites, blogs, professional administration systems and dashboards. I'm even building my own browser game!
If there's something you want done, send me a message and I'll get back to you.

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