John-Robin Tell

Fullstack Developer

Latest version of my personal site. I rebuild it from scratch every now and then as I get new ideas and become bored of the current design. Built with Nuxt.js and tailwind.css. Statically generated with Nuxt and hosted by Netlify.

Secret Project - Work In Progress

A personal project I've been working on for over a year. Soon ready for an initial release.
Built as a PWA (Progressive Web Application). A platform for direct trade between local producers and consumers in communities.
My largest personal project yet, architecture consists of a Lumen API backend, seperate node server with websockets for real-time updates to clients and Nuxt.js frontend with tailwind.css.
Everything runs on Docker behind a Nginx proxy.

Nordland - Work In Progress

A personal browser-based online game I've been working on when I haven't felt like working on any other projects.
Built as a PWA (Progressive Web Application). Frontend is Nuxt.js with a Sailsjs backend.

Restaurang Hemlagat

My first jamstack!
The objective was to create a quick and simple website. I decided to use Nuxt.js and its static site generator, combined with Netlify for hosting and deployment.
The lunch menu needed to be dynamically updated by non-technical users. I settled for Contentful as the headless CMS and backend for this.

Check it out